Give feedback or make a complaint

We have 3 ways you can contact us if you want to give feedback or make a complaint.

Complete our feedback form (Friends and Family Test (FFT))

This is sometimes called ‘Friends and family feedback’ and you may have been directed here by someone at the practice.

You’ll be asked to answer a short form which asks you about the experience you've had using our services.

This type of feedback is anonymous, which means we will not know who it is from.

Join our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our Patient Participation Group allows patients to get involved in what we do in the practice. You can tell us how we can meet your needs as a patient.

Make a formal complaint

Most issues can be sorted out at the time they happen and with the person involved. You should try to resolve the issue this way before you submit a complaint.

If you cannot resolve the issue this way, you can then submit a formal complaint.

Before you do this you can get free, confidential advice from your local Healthwatch team.

Make a formal complaint